The water cycle

By social group St Joseph’s ns.


Learning about the water cycle

We watched a video about the water cycle. We did an experiment to show the cycle. We had clouds [shaving foam],we had rain [food colouring] and a glass with water in it.  When the cloud got heavy it started to rain (Precipitation), the food colouring started to swirl down into the glass. The droplets went back into the water.

Our project

  • We talked about what type of project we would like to do to show all we learned. We decided to do art work.
  • We had to gather our materials e.g cardboard, coloured paper, glue.
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  • We used a large cardboard box to make our water cycle. We got twigs, leaves, stones and glued them into our project on the coloured paper. We threaded beads to make the precipitation, and used bubble wrap to show condensation.
  • We printed posters of the different stages of the water cycle and stuck them next to each stage on our project.
  • We enjoyed learning about the water going up into the clouds, and back down into the river again.
  • We put our project out in the hall on display for all the other classes to see our hard work.


The Water Cycle