The Life Cycle of the Salmon

Our group learned about the life cycle of Bradán.  First we watched a video and we printed out some worksheets to read about it. We talked about the salmon and came up with the idea of doing a T.V. broadcast.  We watched some good news reporting and we saw where a News Reporter Aengus mac Grianna was caught on camera doing his makeup. Oops!

We decided to video a news report so that we  could tell our story about the salmon to inform others.  There are seven in our group; Dylan, Adam, Kalum, Stephen, Danny, Ryan and Cian. We all had a part in the broadcast.  First we got organised by printing off pictures; laminating them so we could use them as props.  We wrote out what each of us had to say.  Then we set up the news room and the Green Screen so that our teacher Ms. Burke could video us.

At first we were shy but when we practiced our words we became confident and enjoyed doing it.   We put on a shirt, tie and a jacket to look like News reporters.  It was so much fun doing the takes on camera – Take 1 – Action.

click on our Google drive link to watch our video.


The life cycle of the Salmon – News broadcast