Life Cycle of a Salmon

Salmon comes from spawn/eggs. A female returns to her river of birth to lay her eggs. She covers these in a mound of gravel. This mound is called a Redd. The eggs then turn into an alevin.

As a salmon grows from a fry into a parr, they need to stay in a safe part of the river to hide from predators. Predators include fish, eels, herons, otters, kingfishers and pikes.

If food is scarce in a river, parr may stay up to three years in the river before migrating.

Six – eight weeks before migration, a parr changes colour to silver and is now called a smolt. Smolts migrate to sea.

They stay in the estuary for a while in preparation for the ocean. This is the most dangerous part of the fish’s life cycle.

If Bradán survives the estuary, she now makes her way to the ocean.


The Life Cycle of a salmon