The senior children loved learning about the Lifecycle of a Salmon. We really enjoyed setting out with Bradán on her journey from the source of the river. We created our own colourful diagrams to show the various stages of the Lifecycle of a Salmon.


We also enjoyed reading the story “The Salmon of Knowledge” and responding through drama. We even wrote some interesting diary entries in character as Fionn or Finnéigeas!



We had fun doing the experiment to see how much oxygen is in the water. We collected three of our water bottles and put gravel in one, small stones in another and medium stones in the third bottle. We learnt that it is important to have good quality gravel in the spawning area for the salmon eggs.

Let’s get experimenting!


Finally, take a look at the photo of our finished Fishbone Sculptures!

Something Fishy!



The Lifecycle of a Salmon