Uses of water=drinks, shower, cleaning, cooking, swimming, electricity, farming, fishing, plants, wildlife, ice skating, wave power, sailing.

Forms=Solid [frozen]

             Liquid [river or lake]

            Gas[water vapour]

Over 70% of earth is covered in water.

97% of it is salt water and 3% is fresh water.

2.25% of it is ice.

Only 0.75% water is there for humans, animals and plants.

We really need to Conserve our water properly.

The 0.75% of water keeps on getting recycled in the water cycle.

Fresh water is mostly in lakes and rivers.

On average a person uses 140 litres a day.

The movement of water is called the water cycle.

Water evaporates and becomes water vapour .

The water vapour forms into clouds. When the clouds get cold condensation occurs.

The water vapour falls as rain and that is called precipitation. And that is called the water cycle.