For Valentine’s Day we made heart fish art. Firstly we got a piece of card and cut a small heart. Then we got a bigger sheet of card and we made a bigger heart. After we did that, we got a sheet of white card and made it into a picture frame style and stuck the two hearts on the opposite sides. Once we stuck the hearts on we drew a big oval from the two hearts. When we did that we started drawing on designs for the scales, but some people    drew hearts for the scales. Once that was finished we got out paint and we started to paint them. We made smaller hearts for the lips of the fish and stuck it onto the top of the fish. Some people coloured it instead of painting. We wrote Happy Valentine’s Day on the top of the frame in fancy writing. Some people wrote more than that, like a message to their parents. After that we gave them to our parents as a Valentine’s gift. We learned about how fish can camouflage themselves in the ocean to protect themselves from predators.

Something Fishy- Valentine’s Heart Fish