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Learn, play and discover about water, fishing, and the life of a salmon fish in Irish Waters.

Welcome to Something Fishy

Welcome to the ‘Something Fishy’ website. Something Fishy is an Educational Programme, aimed at Primary school pupils aged between 10-13 years, which informs and educates students on fish, water, angling, and the environment and angling.

The ‘Something Fishy’ education programme was a concept originally developed in collaboration between the Central Fisheries Board (CFB) and Blackrock Education Centre (BEC). This team created lesson plans and activity sheets based on the theme of the ‘Life cycle of salmon’ - Bradán. It has since been developed, with web based resources and new lesson plans now available.

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  • Letterkenny school scoops top prize in national ‘Something Fishy’ competition
    Letterkenny Educate Together National School awarded first place among 99 schools and 10 education centres across the country
  • About 2/3 of the earths surface is covered with water!
    You can tell the age of a scaly fish by counting the number of rings on its scales
    Less that 1% of the worlds water can be used by humans, plants and animals!
    About 2/3 of our bodies are made up of water
    Freshwater species are dying out 5 times faster than animals that live on land!
    One litre of silage juice can pollute 25,000 litres of water
    Very few salmon eggs survive to fully grown adults
    Pike fish is Ireland's biggest freshwater fish